BlueOcean Memtech Pte Ltd
Membrane for Green Life

The business we’ve been involved in range from the membrane fabrication to membrane application, from water treatment to gas separation, from machine-tool to automation; from lab scale experimental equipment and devices to industry scale equipment and devices, from the fundamental equipment to the development of innovative equipment for cutting edge technologies.

BOM is fully committed to deliver cost competitive equipment and services of the highest quality to our customers while enhancing shareholder value.

We are also fully committed to deliver the highest operation effectiveness and productivity through innovation, technology and creative management while taking into consideration the local environment, the health and safety of our employees and suppliers.

Through the above continuous effort, we strive to be the benchmark in all areas that we operational, for both the benefit of customers, shareholders and employees.

1. Membrane Fabrication Equipments

    • Dope solution manufacturing system (blending, degasing and mixer)
    • Hollow fiber membrane spinning system
    • Hollow fiber membrane coating system
    • Flat sheet membrane casting system
    • Flat sheet membrane coating system (TFC coating)

          2. Membrane Module Fabrication Equipment

          • Hollow fibre module potting machine
          • Hollow fibre module glue dispense system
          • Hollow fibre module centrifuge potting machine
          • Hollow fibre module high-effective vertical potting machine
          • Hollow fibre module glue cutting machine
          • Spiral wound element manufacturing system

                3. Membrane Evaluation & Analyzing Systems

                • MBR (Membrane bio-reactor) test system
                • PDT / bubble point / leak test system
                • Membrane distillation test system (NF,MD, etc.)
                • FO / PRO test system
                • Gas separation test system
                • Customized membrane test system