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Signing ceremony for contract between BlueOcean Memtech Pte Ltd and Enviros India Pvt Ltd (05/05/2016)

The management team of BlueOcean Memtech Pte Ltd (BOM), and the management team of Enviros India Pvt Ltd (EIPL), has signed the contract of membrane fabrication technology transfer and equipment setup agreement. Prof. (Neal) Chung Tai Shung , Wong Toon Suan, Fu Fengjiang, D. Mugunthan from BOM and Dr. D Ramesh Babu, Ravi from EIPL attended the meeting on 5th May, 2016.

The agreement between BOM and EIPL, briefly stated, has a handful of goals:

  • The international quality services provided by the both companies include but not limit to: membrane fabricating equipment and technology development; design, built-up and operation of industry, textile waste water and municipal waste water treatment projects, and hope the community gets right behind this wonderful innovative.
  • In future with the establishment of a Joint Venture, BOM hopes to attract more customers and push up the business operations in India ,China and Middle East Countries, which will pave the way to enhance the industry application of membrane new technologies both in Singapore and international markets.