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A heated discussion at the meeting about Drinking Water Solution, held by Asian Development Bank

As we all know, water is the source of life, for the reason that about 70% of human body composition is made up of water, and all kinds of biochemical reactions can only be carried out with the participation of water, so the water quality and adequacy will have a great impact on human health. Long-term lack of drinking water will increase the risk of a variety of diseases.

The participants conducted in-depth exchanges on cooperation in drinking water solution:
  • As a leader in the water treatment industry with core technology, BOM has the confidence and ability to achieve greater leaps in market resources, business model, core technology and management innovation, further explore to promote the marketization and scale of drinking water products, and make outstanding contributions to the world's drinking water health with practical actions.
  • Working together to find out a sustainable drinking water treatment solution for those at the bottom of the pyramid in  developing member countries (DMC).