BlueOcean Memtech Pte Ltd
BlueOcean Memtech Pte Ltd
Membrane for Green Life
  • A Leading Enterprise Specializing in the Development and Commercialization of Membrane Technology and Water Treatment Technology

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  • Core Value of Our company is to Provide Multi-disciplinary Technologies for Membrane 
    Development and Application

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  • Strive to be the Benchmark in All Areas That 
    We Operational, for both the Benefit of Customers, 
    Shareholders and Employees

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Membrane Products

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Membrane Equipment

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Membrane Application

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What We Do

We provide quality solutions, services and equipment on membrane research, fabrication, and water treatments all over the world.

The industries we’ve been involved with range from the membrane fabrication to membrane application, from water treatment to gas separation, from machine-tool to automation, from lab scale experimental equipment and devices to industry scale equipment and devices, from the fundamental equipment to the development of innovative equipment for cutting edge technologies

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Manufacturing Equipment

Design all kinds of membrane  manufacturing equipment according 

to the needs of users.

Membrane Module

Give guidance to fabricate advanced membrane products, in order to 

provide solutions for water treatment.

Flat Sheet RO Membrane Tester-Cross Flow Operation
Flat Sheet RO Membrane Tester-Cross Flow Operation

Our Existing Customer 
​and Partner

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Our Team Members

Strong Membrane Development and Process Research Background

  • BlueOcean Memtech Pte Ltd (BOM) is a spin-off company of NUS. Experts from BOM have more than twenty years experience in research and development of advanced separation membranes for various applications. 
  • With  the rich equipment design experience, BOM has capability to provide turn-key solution for membrane fabrication and application

Prof. Neal Chung Tai-Shung

Worldwide leader in membrane technology development

Assistant Prof. Zhang Sui

Professor and specialist in advanced membrane research and development

Mr Zheng Wen Xing

Leader of the drinking water and wastewater treatment technology

Mr Fu Feng Jiang

Expert of the equipment development for membrane and other industrial application